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Studio Director & Architectural Designer, Hattery

Hattery is a workspace, studio, and community for entrepreneurs building extraordinary companies. My job was to create an ever-evolving habitat for Hattery's team to work, create, and play. With the support of a diverse and talented team, I built spaces and programming, designed architectural interiors and furniture, produced construction drawings, researched and sourced materials, and managed the project budget and construction.

We set ourselves up to design and build in the same space, at the same time — a rare and precious opportunity. Unlike most architectural flows, which operate as linear waterfall processes, we proceeded with a dynamic, flexible approach. At Hattery the designers and engineers sit together in order to solve problems efficiently, and we work dynamically with our clients and portfolio companies. In the same way, I was able to work alongside my contractors to see and fix problems immediately rather than months down the line. I learned on the fly to become a fast expert in establishing level sub-floors over sloping concrete, finding square footage in distant corners, and resolving data paths.